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We always have some customers to ask us the question “can I turn my flower- making hobby to a business and where should I go?”

Today we would like to summarize the successful stories of our other customers to let you find the way to reach your goal.
1.You can go to the community centers and senior centers even the local schools and colleges to have a class to teach. Remember, your students need to pay the fee and buy the material.
2.You can go to a restaurant, beauty salon and other stores to talk to the owner or the manager and ask them if they like to put your flowers on their counter to sell. You can either share the profit with them or wholesale the flowers to them.
3.Go to a model home to see the sales people there and ask them if they need your flowers to decorate the rooms or they need to give your beautiful flowers to the new home owners as a gift after they buy the houses.
4.Many furniture stores like to use nylon flowers to decorate their show rooms and give the flowers to the buyers as a gift.
5.Go to the hospitals to ask the management if you can open a gift store to sell your flowers there. If they already have a gift store, ask the store if they want carry your flowers. Remember more and more hospitals don’t allow the fresh flowers to enter the hospital now. It is good news for us.
6.Many schools and local government have a handcraft show annually, you can rent a table there to sell your flowers or find some new students for your class. You can find some big craft show or craft fair information on the internet if you search them.
7.Go to the cemeteries and ask the management there if they want sell your flowers.
8.If you are a fund raiser, you can do lots of things with your flowers. Some of our young student customers even go door to door in the neighborhood or have a table in front of grocery stores to raise the fund for their schools or organizations.
9.Decorate people’s wedding table. Many our customers have been doing that for over 5 years.
10.Wherever you go, don’t forget to tell people your flowers are handcrafted and made by yourself. People will really appreciate your talent and hard work.
11.Find a good location and open a store. You can teach people, sell the flowers and material. We can help you to become your own boss. If there are some Military bases, schools, hospitals which are not far from your home, contact them to find if they need vendors . Most of them usually do and love to have a nylon flower business at their places. You usually don't need to pay the rent and just pay the percentage of your total sales.
12.Have you found that flower hair pick and clip are good sellers now?
13.Don’t hesitate to let us know if you want to do something similar; we will try our best to help you reach your goal.

Since we launched the WHOLESALE program on March 20, many of our customers have responded actively and taken the advantage from it. The following are some real cases which show you why the customers love this program.

1.One customer from Oakhurst, Queensland, Australia ordered like the following and the package weighs 11 pounds :


$304.22 USD

Coupon Code (WHOLESALE):

-$91.27 USD


$75.67 USD

Grand Total:

$288.62 USD


Actually she just spent $212.95 and got the supplies which are worth $304.22 because of the 30% discount. The final result is even better than if she got the free shipping. This gives her a great opportunity to make her business profitable.



2.One customer from Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States ordered like the following and the package weighs 12 pounds:


$301.40 USD

Coupon Code (WHOLESALE):

-$90.42 USD


$25.31 USD

Grand Total:

$236.29 USD



In this case she just spent $210.98 and got the supplies which are worth $301.40 because of the 30% discount. She has got a lot of activities going on to celebrate the Mother’s Day. She is so sure that all her events will be successful. (Since then she has placed several orders)

If you want know how to lower your shipping cost, please click this link http://www.blisswonders.com/pages/Shipping.html

If you want to know the real cases from the area you live or if you have a plan in your mind to do some nylon flower business and activities, please send a email to Info@blisswonders.com or call us at 1800 313 7839, we will be more than happy to help you. We can discuss all things you want to know even draw a detailed plan for you. Remember, all these consulting works will be free of charge and together we will make this world more beautiful!