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1. How do I start with the Bliss Wonders’ Instruction Kit?

Have all the material and tools like the pipe toll, scissors and a wire cutter ready and put the Disc 1 into your DVD player or computer and start to watch the instructions. When you reach “ play training” and “ flower selection”, please select “ play training”. When you reach the Basic Skills section of the video, you can learn to make the petals. When you reach the Medium Rose section of the video, you can learn to make the 5 medium roses. In the Disc 1, we will teach how to make large rose, medium rose, lily, poinsettia, hibiscus, daffodil, magnolia and tulips.

2. What can I do after I make 5 medium size roses?

Congratulations, you have mastered the basic skills for making the nylon flowers. You can either visit our website or the last part of DVD to see what we have to meet your further needs. If you want to order more things from us, you can purchase on our website store at www.blisswonders.com. If you don’t use Internet, you can always simply call us to place a new order.

3. How many flowers do you teach in the Disc 2?

Eight. In disc 2 you can learn how to make peony, bird of paradise, iris, Hawaii ginger, orchid, gladiolus, dolls.

5. Can we sell the flowers designed by you made by us?

Yes, you can. We always encourage our students or customers to sell the flowers made by them. We always give all the information they need including our flowers’ suggested retail prices.

7. Can we open a retail store to sell your products?

Yes, you can. We will make all the efforts to meet your needs including putting your store name on some of our products. If you want to do so, please let us know.

8. What kind of shipping services do you use?

We use US Post Office Priority Mail (2-3 Day Service Standard) to ship all the US orders We use Priority Mail (6 - 10 business days) and First class parcel to ship all the international orders. 

9. What do I need to get started?

You will need the following items to get started on your first Nylon Floral design.

a. Instruction Kit or Instruction DVD Disc 1 and DVD Disc 2.

b. The pipe tool Set (formerly called sizer). It includes 8 pieces of pipe tools for making the different sized petal rings. Only Pipe Tool #6 is included in the kit.

c. A green tape for people who have not bought the kit. A green tape is included in the Kit.

d. Either a small thread or a large thread if you have not bought the kit. A small thread is included in the Kit.

e. Some wires, leaves and stems if you have not bought the Kit.

f. You can just simply call us for our suggestions on a customized starters kit. We can make your starting procedure very simple.