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Before you take any training session here, please read the following:

1. You must take all sessions in our Disc 1 and Disc 2 before you take any training session here in the black section; otherwise all the sessions there are too difficult for you.

2. All the sessions in red section are provided by Bliss Wonders. You can watch them anytime you want. All the online sessions in black section are provided by the nylon florists in China. The best time for you to take a session in the black section is from 9 am to 3 pm Pacific Time (the websites you will visit are not busy during this time).

3. Pick a session and click on it.

4. Before a session in the black section starts, there usually is a short advertising video, just wait patiently.

5. If you don't understand the languge in the black section's sessions, don't give up.

6. If you think you really need help, please feel free to email us, we will try our best to help you!

7. Please help us keep the Training Center in good order.

Sessions Provided by Bliss Wonders

NEW: What our fellow nylon florists can do in 2016

1.  How To Make Nylon Flowers Tutorial Video blisswonders.com

2.  Know our supplies (Supply Tutorial)

3.  The basic skills

4.  How to make large rose

5.  How to make medium rose

6.  How to make lily flower 

7.  How to make poinsettia flower

8.  How to make hibiscus flower

9.  How to make daffodil flower

10. How to make tulip flower

11. How to speed up petal making process (1)

12. How to speed up petal making process (2)

13. How to make magnolia flower

14. How to Make Goldfish

15. How to Make Mum Flower

16. How to Make Calla Lily

17. How to make chenille flowers 

18. How to make flower pen

19. How to make butterfly

20. How to make doll hat

21. How to Make Plum Blossom

22. How to Wrap a Bouquet of Nylon Flowers

23. How to Make Corsage and Hair Clip/Comb

24. How to Make New Style Rose

25. How to Make Carnation Flower

26. The real story of a nylon florist

27. How to Make Nylon Flower Angel

28. How to Make New Style Carnation NEW (HOTTEST)

29. What we can do in 2013 NEW (HOTTEST)

30. How to make Flos Citri Sarcodactylis Flower (Fo Shou Flower)

31. How to make California Poppy NEW!

32. Bliss Wonders & Customer creations

33. How to make Sunflowers NEW

34. How to make Pumpkins NEW

35. How to make Mallow flowers

Online Sessions Provided by Nylon Florists in China

1.  Carnation

2.  Dragonfly

3.  Morning Glory Flower

4.  Canna Flower

5.  Sunflower

6.  Camellia

7.  Finger Rings

8.  Arrangement Greens

9.  Snapdragon

10. Juan Dan Flower

11. Red-crowned Crane(1)

12. Red-crowned Crane(2)

13. Black Mallow

14. Zijin Flower

15. Rose (a different way to make it)

16. Zhizi Flower

17. Calla Lily

18. Napa Cabbage:

19. Bonanza flower:

20. Daisy

21. Arrangement Introduction

22. Lion Flower

23. Leaf Flower

24. Lotus Flower (made by a male nylon florist)

25. Azalea Flower

26. Changpu Lan Flower

27. Hui Lan Flower

28. Persian Mum Flower

29. Dancing Orchid Part 1

30. Dancing Orchid Part 2

31. Baihe Orchid

32. Slipper Orchid

33. Sleeping Lotus

34. Arrangement Display

35. Tiexian Lotus

36. Grass Water Lily 

37. Peacock (Part 1) NEW

38. Peacock (Part 2) NEW

39. Corsage NEW

40.  Butterfly NEW

41. HuiLan NEW

42.  FeiyanCao NEW

43.  Flamingo Flower NEW

44. Forever Green NEW

45.  Butterfly NEW

46.  Goldfish NEW

47. Golden Orange Arrangement



Carnation Flower Instructions

1. You need to make 6 #5 petals, each petal needs 6 rings on it. You can pick the flower color you like.

2. Need 2 #2 petals for the flower seats. Each petal needs 3 rings on it. Use green wire and green nylon.

3. Need 4 #3 and 3 #4 regular green petals for the leaves.


Bonanza Flower Instructions

The material you need:

Regular large stem

 Gold wire (gage 22), in the video all petals made with Gage 24 gold wire. You can pick the wire you like.

Yellow or orange Nylon (S007/S010/S19)

Red Nylon (S017/S022/D011/D022)

Green Nylon (S021/S024/D021/S030/S028)

Poinsettia pistil (you can use a red marker to make the pistil a red one)

Red tape

 The patterns:

Yellow or orange petals : 3 #4 petals, 6 #5 petals, 3 #6 petal. All petals are covered with 2 layers of the nylon.

12 #8 petals, red, single layer.

3 #8 green and red petals, 2 layers, first layer green nylon, second layer red nylon.

3 #8 red and green petals, 2 layers, first layer red nylon, second layer green nylon.

3 #8 green petals, single layer.

 The process:

1.Cut the top of the stem. Put the pistil onto the stem(you can use the super glue)

2.Secure the 3 #4 yellow/orange petals onto the stem.

3.Secure 3 #5 yellow/orange petals.

4.Secure the 3 #6 yellow/orange petals.

5.Secure 3 #5 yellow/orange petals. Use the red tape to cover the tail of the petals. From now on use the red tape every time you secured a petal with thread.

6.Secure the first 3 #8 red petals in the normal way. Then secure the rest of the #8 red petals one by one onto the stem in a spiral way. That means the one you are securing is always lower than previous one.

7.Secure the 3 #8 green and red petals onto the stem same way above.

8.Secure the 3 #8 red and green petals onto the stem same way above.

9.Secure the 3 #8 green petals same way above.

10.Touch up: See the video.

Arrangement: You need to make 3 flowers to put them into one pot. For the pot preparation, you can watch the Orchid session of our Disc 2.

Patterns for Making Peacock:

For the tail: you need make:

43 #5 petals no nylon on them, but 2 wires. (Gage 22 Wire)

43 #3 petals with green nylons on them. (Gage 24 wire)

43 #1 petals with yellow or golden nylon on them (Gage 26 wire)

43 petals Which are smaller than #1 petals with purple nylons. (Gage 26 wire)

each group of different size petals should in 3 kinds of lengths. Long, mediumand short.

For the wing:

You need make 82 #1 petals for the wing (Gage 26 wire)

13x2=26 grenn petals

15x2=30 gren petals

13x2=26 purple petals

Remember: we have the eyes for the peacock, Click here to see them